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I do remember making my first quilt. It was queen size. I loved choosing the fabric and the pattern. I loved the piecing of the quilt with a quarter inch seam instead of that huge 5/8 inch seam used for sewing clothes! But when it came to the point where I had to layer the backing, batting and quilt top together with safety pins and spray adhesive, roll it up and shove it through the small throat area on my Bernina sewing machine, all the fun was drained out of making the quilt! My neck, shoulder and arms were aching before I got very far into it. I muddled through it and decided I would never make any more quilts if I didn't find a better way to quilt the three layers together. So I bought a long-arm quilting machine. I certainly haven't regretted the decision. Not only do I get to long-arm quilt my own quilts but I get to do the long-arm quilting on two to three hundred quilts for others each year. I have definitely seen so many stunning quilts. I can easily say I am always surrounded by beauty every single day.

I have been long-arm quilting since 2004. I love my Gammill quilting machines even though they take up the length of a rather large room. The actual quilting machine runs on tracks on a quilting table and the throat space of the machine is large enough to accommodate any quilt length and very large pantograph designs. My wonderful and considerate son Andrew created my website in 2010 and has been refining it and improving it continually. Thank you Andrew.

So if you love to make quilts but hate to layer the backing, batting, and pieced top together, let a long-arm quilter do it for you. That way you'll have so much more time to make more quilts for you or loved ones, to go on quilt runs, to browse through quilting magazines and books, to relax in front of the TV or listen to music while binding the quilts, to take quilting classes and socialize with other quilters!

Browse through the pantograph designs. Look at the finished quilts. And I'd love to do your long-arm quilting for you!

Susan Davis

Please note that I am not accepting new customers at this time, however you may find nearby longarm quilters at longarmquilters.com.

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Pantograph quilting is the most cost efficient way of quilting the layers of a quilt together. Once a design is chosen, the quilt is prepared and put on the machine. The design is quilted repeatedly across the length of the quilt. Then the quilt is rolled up on a pick-up roller so that the next section can be quilted with the same design.

I do have a Statler Gammill which means it is computerized and can resize a design to the desired density or looseness that is chosen. Any design that has many points in it such as a triangles or holly leaves, for example, generally takes longer to quilt than a design with mostly curves such as a meander, depending on how dense a quilt is quilted. Since I charge by the hour for pantograph quilting, it allows my customer to have greater control over the cost of the quilting. This has worked out to the satisfaction of the customer. And my goal is do the best job that I can at the most cost effective price for the customer.

There are so many wonderful pantograph designers. I do not create my own designs and I am not an authorized dealer to sell any design to others. However, if you do not find the design you want among my inventory of pantographs, I can always search through the authorized sites, find what you want, buy the design and quilt it onto your quilt.

Custom Quilts

Custom Quilts

There are basically two types of custom quilting. I have the ability to do free motion work when I run my machine without the aid of a computer-guided movement. I also have the ability to run the computer using digitized designs for blocks, borders, sashing, and backgrounds.

No matter which type of custom quilting is desired, it usually takes more planning with the customer, more stops and starts of the machine and much more time. This does mean the cost is higher than for pantograph quilting, but creates a more beautiful finish for certain types of quilts.

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